Concept design presentation of lagoon Sovlje Tribunj


Presentation of Rudine square Tisno spatial planning project and continuation of St. Martin's coastal area regulation


Project of the luxury villas - Posedarje


Beach in the middle of Šibenik / Project banj

Something that never had before, by decades almost neither – contemporary furnished city beach, Šibenik will get it by next year, and completely finished facility will appear to the citizens and the guests in 2013.

Considering to the solution, or concept design made by architect's office ARX which is in the procedure of issuing location permission, due to the appearance and contents – city beach Banj will replace decades of waiting of the City beach and will offer something that at this moment has a few city beaches of neighbor towns; extremely beautiful views toward the city district Dolac, old city entity, St. Jacob's cathedral cupola which dominates to the views looking from the beach. Joint of old and new.
- This isn't a project of hunderds million euros cost, but at the moment of finishing, a beach will cost about 10 million kuna, in fact million and half euros. Considering the importance of this project for the city Šibenik – this could be really classified to the rank of big projects – says mayor Mr. Ante Županović presenting the project of new city beach.

This way we'll enter to the family of cities who have a beach, which will surely keep the guests who aren't going to come in Šibenik just in transition anymore – says Mr. Županović.

On the area of ex TEF, it is going to be a connection of new and old Šibenik according to the plan on the best possible way– says major. Actually, deputy major Mr. Franko Vidović was the first one who has perceived the plateau which arised after intervention of cleaning the hill of slag behind the sea. In that period, a year and half ago he was flashed about that idea, almost every day he visited the area and created idea, at this moment he doesn't hide his pleasure that beach is reality no matter it is going to be ready next year.

- A half year ago when we were starting this story, the biggest problem was uncompleted collector in that part since the waste waters of Meterize and Njivice area were spilling in the wider beach area.

Resolving of abovementioned issues is in procedure, and in the meantime the study of Ruđer Bošković Institute has shown that the sea bed as well as seawater in that part is extremely appropriate for the beach: without harmful sediments and agents in the sea gauge above the bottom.

In that moment we were already calm, there was no any problem or barrier for the arrangement of the beach. Perhaps we were the last city on the coast which doesn't have its beach, although sounds pathetic – ancient Šibenik's dream will be realized on this way. A beach will be arranged on the surface of ten thousand square meters of the plateau below the parking place at the swiming pool in Crnica.

Public opinion

According to the public opinion analysis – more than 50% of citizens encourage this project and consider it as the best and the most advisable project of city authority. Citizens as the journalists will always have some kind of contests toward city authority, nevertheless the project of city beach has a consensus and it's clear that this is extremely political point for those who are performing authority activities at the moment.

Another dream of Šibenik's generation has left to realize, which actually previous city authority have initialized: to encircle the project of city and club small port JK Val on location Pekovac. On that way devastated part of the city – a step away of its biggest values; as the old city entity and UNESCO's monument, will grow up to the representative facility including all accompanying services of modern city beach.

Citizens of Šibenik will finally be able to go to the beach by foot with „the towel below the hand“, and from the autumn all promotional materials will enclose the info about Šibenik's city beach; that is situated a five minutes away by foot from the city hotel, protected old city entity and apartment accommodation inside of entity.
Except the budget money from the city, city authority count on to the EU funds, but there is a possibilty for the City to enter into partnership relation with the private investors. In the period from the 13th July city government and company ARX Ltd. will schedule a presentation of the architectural project and public tribune in the City hall lasting ten days to discuss with the citizens about their Banj.